3 Mulcher Teeth Hardening Technologies That CMT Factory Is Using

3 Mulcher Teeth Hardening Technologies That CMT Factory Is Using

Apart from producing typical mulcher teeth that most of the factories are producing, CMT is offering more than that. They are providing the market with hardened teeth, which are more effective and powerful. The company has invested in several teeth hardening technologies that have enabled it to produce better performing mulcher teeth. Here are the three main technologies that the CMT factory is using to harden their mulcher teeth:

Tungsten Carbide Hardfacing

Tungsten carbide hard facing is one of the techniques that is widely used by manufacturers to enhance the quality of their teeth. The technique works by using tungsten carbide to create a later on a weaker teeth material. What the technique does is making teeth harder. Mulcher teeth that have been hard-faced work like they are made for the tungsten carbide. We all know the quality of the tungsten carbide. One of them is extreme hardness. So hard-faced CMT mulcher teeth work better than the typical teeth. That is why the hard-facing technique is on the rise.

Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is another technique that has been used over the decades to harden metallic parts. One of the reasons why heat treatment is one of the widely used by almost all factories is that it is cheap to do and offer incredible result. The process is straightforward because all that is needed is to heat mulcher teeth. However, there are new heat treat technologies that are being used today, such as the use of electricity to heat tools. These are some of the latest technologies that the CMT factory is using. So heat-treated CMT mulcher teeth are extremely hard and can handle any demanding conditions.

Brazing Tungsten Carbide

Even if you have done everything right and the condition of the joint is bad, then you will not achieve the desired result. So the type of joint used for mulcher teeth is one of the crucial factors to consider. There are many types of joints in the market, but tungsten carbide is one of the best options. The technique forms a sturdy joint that is difficult to treat. These are the kind of joints that can withstand even the most demanding conditions. It is one of the technologies that is making CMT mulcher teeth in the market.

These are three of the most popular technologies that the CMT factory is using for the construction of the mulcher teeth. Therefore, you can only expect the best from these mulcher teeth.